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About Me

Hello! My name is Magen Williams, and this is my first year of teaching ever. I just graduated from MTSU in December of 2020, and this could not have been a crazier time to start my teaching career. I cannot wait for the excitement to come from this school year, and I cannot wait to get to know everyone. 
Some interested and maybe cool facts about myself are I was born on the same day the Animal Kingdom opened in Walt Disney World, I love to do calligraphy, and I am easily entertained. I graduated from SCHS in 2016. Then, I went to Motlow State Community College in Coffee County and received my associate's degree in December of 2017. From there, I went to MTSU and received my bachelor's degree in Math Education for Secondary Grades in December of 2020. While getting all of these degrees, I worked for the after school care here in Bedford County, SACP. Fun fact about that, I have worked at every elementary school for SACP.
Every member of my family has graduated from SCHS, so this school has been apart of my family for generations. When I was here, I was apart of various clubs and even a couple of sports. I played golf my freshman year, and I managed the girl's basketball team my sophomore and junior year. I was apart of Key Club, NHS, and FCA. Also, I was a four-year drama member.
In my family, I have both of my parents, Kris and Christy, and my sister, Morgan. We recently just added our newest member to the family in June of 2020, our little miniature dachshund, Daisy Rey (yes named after Daisy Duck and the Star Wars character, Rey).



Virtual Students EOC Testing Information

Hello students and parents!
EOC Testing is coming up in less than a week! There are a lot of schedules being sent and a lot of information being thrown out to teachers, students, and parents. I want to help try to make sense of some of this confusion.
Virtual students are required to come to school to take their tests. Students can come in just for the class period that they have an assessment that day, but they MUST have transportation to drop them off and pick them up soon after. If you were to pick up that student later, it would be considered checking them out. 
For example, if a student has a 1st period EOC but can't be picked up until during 4th, it would be considered checking them out of school due to the lateness.
I sent all my virtual students the dates on which they were to come in for their EOC. Parents, please check your students' TEAM message or email from me for this information. The schedule is different each day. I will be posting in all of my TEAMS the schedule for that week, and another reminder the day before. Please email me with any questions you may have. 

Assignments and Grades

Hello students and parents!
I just wanted to take the time to address how I give assignments and grade them. 
For all assignments given, they will be found in one of three places, OneNote Content Library, Delta Math, and DESMOS. If in OneNote, the students will post the assignment in their own Homework under their name. Delta Math and DESMOS saves the assignment as you work on it. 
All assignments are due a week after I give them unless instructed otherwise. The day after the assignment is due is when I will take the time to grade the assignment. If it is not there, I will give the student a 0 for the assignment. This does NOT mean that is the final grade. This is a crazy world we live in, so I will take any and all work. There might be some credit taken off because of the assignment being turned in late. 
If you have any other questions about this, please feel free to email me! (: