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  • Department: Foreign Language Arts       Academic Year: 2022 - 2023
  • Professor: Dr. Bello Work E-mail: [email protected]
  • Purpose of the Course

The purpose of this course is 1) to communicate effectively in a language other than English; 2) to continue developing a broad vocabulary that will assist students in their transition into the next level of Spanish; 3) to foster a better understanding of the relationship between Hispanic culture and the American culture; and 4) to provide students with an opportunity to reflect on their own culture as they intersect with other cultures.

Course Objectives/Foreign Language Goals

Upon completion of this course, Spanish students will demonstrate knowledge in:

  • Learning to connect new knowledge with own experiences from a familiar cultural base.
  • Building and strengthening their self-esteem by developing own individual values, attitudes, lifestyle choices, and approaches to socio-cultural issues through literature.
  • Developing and maintaining reading and writing skills.

Student Performance Expectations

  1. Respect one another.
  2. Remain actively involved in the learning process.
  3. Never leave questions unanswered.
  4. Express thoughts and feelings in a manner that enhances learning.
  5. Advocate for cooperative and collaborative learning.

Classroom Guidelines

  1. Always be on time. Students who are late without a proper justification will be marked tardy. You arrive on time for class.
  2. Turn off and put away electronic devises –namely, iPods, air pods, headphones, apple watch –during class.
  3. Limit yourself to talk about anything not related to the topic of study.
  4. Be considerate and respectful. Show courtesy when other students are expressing opinions and experiences with the class.
  5. Use the restroom before coming to class. It is extremely important you are in class all the time.
  6. Bring all school supplies with you all the time.
  7. Always be on time with homework and academic assignments. Late homework and assignments will not be received.
  8. Bring your chrome book charged every day.
  9. You will have two minutes before the bell rings to get up from your seat.
  10. You will not make any inappropriate comments or gestures that would cause a disruption to the class. We will act appropriately per school policy. Bellringer and exit ticket is a daily activity and you will make sure you will do it before the end of the day. First day: -10, Second day: -20 and third day -30, after three days please do not send it.  
  11. Clean your seat at the end of the class.
  12. No food or gum is allowed to bring to the classroom.

Indiscipline Procedures

Disruptive behavior will be managed in three ways:

  1. The teacher will approach the student(s) discreetly to indicate what the problem is.
  2. If problem continues, the teacher will notify the students’ parents.
  3. And if the student(s) still persists, the student(s) will send to the principal’s office to decide how to solve the problem.

Class Structure

The class is conducted a continuation of material covered in Spanish I. Also, I will have some advanced Spanish students. This gives students the opportunity to experience first hand high-level instruction through instructional conversations, interactions, and group discussions. All classroom activities are based on the notion that effective learning not only includes grammatical skills but also social growth.

Research Projects

Spanish students are required to participate in four sociocultural activities, which will be announced by the instructor in advance. Furthermore, students are required to elaborate a personal writing for each activity that will include: a personal description of the cultural event, its connection to own life experience, and a personal and critical reflection.

Electronic Resources

Daily lessons, practices, homework, projects, announcements, study guides, and calendars will be published on the google classroom. It is extremely important that students check this website regularly, specially, during the times when students miss class.


  1. Final grades will be based upon the student’s ability to demonstrate knowledge in the areas of communication, culture, connections, comparisons, and communities (Course objectives) as they are applied across the curriculum.
  2. The participation section of the assessment chart below refers to all verbal, written and physical exercises done within the class. For instance, guided practices, collaborative exercises, discussion panels and peer group assignments are some of the procedures considered under this category.
  3. All work, participation, and assistance will be graded over a hundred points , and grades will be based upon the following percentages:



Participation:                          30%                 Tests:                          10%

Monthly exam:                       20%                 Mid-term Exam:            15%

Presentations/Projects:           25%                


Participation                           30%                 Tests:                          10%

Homework                              15%                 Final Exam                 15%

Presentations/Projects:           30%                

  1. Everything will be posted in skyward under every single activity.


By signing this statement, you are acknowledging that you received these rules and know what is expected of your for the semester.



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