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Mr. Merlo 

Room 204 

8th Period planning 


 Subject: 2022-2023 US Government (1 semester)  

Objective: The objective of the course is to introduce students to the American System of government in principle and practice. Students will be asked to review the beliefs and actions of the American Founding Fathers. They will go through The Constitution and other founding documents and examine how the Federal Government is organized. The students will be asked to analyze political beliefs and understand the purpose of debate and democracy in our society. They will participate in debates, law making, and model elections. The class will examine the Bill of Rights, various supreme court cases, and the pursuit of justice, equality, and fairness in society. During election years (2022, 2024) we will cover the national election updates as they happen. If there is any time left, we examine local governments and their function. 

Class Expectations 

  1. Respect Others- No name-calling, talking while others are, or inappropriate language. Please listen and be respectful of all different points of view that are shared 
  1. Talking- During class discussion/ lectures your full attention is expected. During group work or projects, please stay focused on your work. Be prepared to share your point of view. Please listen and be respectful of all different points of view that are shared  
  1. Be Responsible- complete all assignments during the year and PARTICIPATE in class discussion. 
  1. Notes- Students are encouraged to take notes freely throughout class. Mr. Merlo will seldom hand out note guides. 
  1. Bell Schedule- Be in your seats when the bell rings to start class, and work on bell work. 


  • We will only use School provided laptops routinely during class. 
  • Cell phones AND headphones- Cell phones can be sent to the office. If your phone or headphones are visible during class discussion/lectures, it will be taken up. Do not listen to music during class time.  


  • Food- Food is allowed in class so long as it does not cause a mess. 
  • You can go to the bathroom once at a time, except for emergencies. 
  • If another teacher needs you during class-time, they need to contact Mr. Merlo. 
  • Working on another teachers’ assignments is not allowed unless all assignments for Government are turned in and class is over. 

Cheating: Cheating will result in a 0 for the assignment and may lead to loss of privileges. 


Grading and Assignments: Grade range is the same as in BCS Handbook. 

Tests/Projects---------------------------------------------------------------35% of grade. 

  • There will be a test at the end of each unit. 
  • Non-comprehensive. 

Quizzes---------------------------------------------------------------------25% of grade. 

  • There are 2-3 quizzes through the semester. 
  • Retakes allowed, by appointment, for partial credit only.  

Class Work----------------------------------------------------------------20% of grade. 

  • This includes Groupwork and Debates and other various assignments. 

Other-----------------------------------------------------------------------20% of grade. 

  • This includes Bell Work and study guides. 

Final Exam: TN state mandated Civics test required for Graduation. 25% of Semester grade. 

Late Work 

  • If you miss a day, it is your responsibility to check OneNote to see what assignment you missed. In order to make up the work, you must have an excused absence. You have 7 days to turn in late work. 


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This syllabus can be found in class notebook and on my profile on the SCHS website. 

Thank you, 

Mr. Merlo