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About Me

I'm a proud SCHS alum since 2008 and I feel at home teaching in my alma mater for the 10th year. I graduated from Union University in 2013 with a BA in Art, minor in Education, and a focus in ceramics. I teach Art 1, Art 3, AP Drawing, AP 2-D Design, and AP 3D. 
Art Society is my focus for after school activities. Mrs. Jackson and I sponsor this student-lead  club and have a blast making art and learning more about our students. If you love art or enjoy making, ask me about joining to get involved in the school and community! 
If I'm not at school, I'm with my baby and toddler enjoying the sun or making our own art at home. I believe every person (no matter what age or ability) is an artist in some way, and I hope to foster a sense of confidence from that truth in every person I reach.