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     The Shelbyville Central High School Student Council serves as the student government of our school. The goal of the Council is not only to instill leadership skills but also to build character in its members. The Council organizes many school-wide activities, which foster school spirit and pride. The Council also hosts several service projects, such as the Great Canned Food Drive (GCFD), which supports residents of Bedford County. Another hard working group which the Council is extremely proud to support is New Destiny Dog Rescue of Bedford County. The SCHS Student Council is an active organization that strives to improve its school and community. If you are a student who is interested in being a leader, then this is the perfect organization for you. Stop by and see us!

Student Council Election Information

Student Council elections are about to begin. Those students interested in running for Student Body or Class Officer must come by the library and pick up a parental permission form:


Dates:  April 6 - Student Body Parental Permissions Form Due (library)

             April 8 - Student Body Petitions Due (library)

             April 11-13 - Student Body Campaign (Posters hung 4/12 by lunch)

             April 14 - Student Body Elections held (by email)

Dates: April 6 - April 18 - Class Officer Permission Forms Available (library)

            April 20 - Class Officer Permission Forms Due (library)

            April 22 - Class Officer Petitions Due (library)

            April 25-28 - Class Officer Campaign (Posters hung 4/26 by lunch)

            April 29 - Class Officer Elections held (by email)

Dates: May 2 - Representative Permission Forms Available (library)

            May 2 - Representative Petitions Forms Available (library)

            May 4 - Representative Permission Forms and Petitions Due (library)

            May 5-9 - Representative Campaign (Poster hung 5/6 by lunch)

            May 10 - Class Representative Elections held (by email)



Those running for Student Body must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  1. Have served on the Council this year.
  2. Must have a current GPA of 3.0 or higher
  3. No disciplinary actions such as ISS or OSS
  4. Be in good standing in terms of Stu Co points


Those running for Class Officer must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  1. Open to all students in each grade. Membership on the Council this year is not required.
  2. Must have a current GPA of 3.0 or higher
  3. No disciplinary actions such as ISS or OSS
  4. Be in good standing in terms of Stu Co points if you were on the Council this year




Football Homecoming 2021 Packet - September 24, 2021

Club and Organization Homecoming Parade Entry Form 2021  - Located on Side Menu

Parade Permission Form - Located on Side Menu




We Are Proud to Announce Our

2022-23 Student Body Officers  


President - Broderick Bowen

Vice President - NeVaeh Buchanan

Historian -  Jordan Thompson

Secretary - Julia Anderson





Student Council Member Points


Meeting Dates

(Officers 5:30 and Representatives 6:00 - SCHS Library)

August 16,2021

September 13, 2021 (Parent Meeting)

October 4, 2021  
November 1, 2021  
December 6, 2021 
January 10, 2022
February 7, 2022  
March 7, 2022 
April 4, 2022  
May 2, 2022: Banquet 

Upcoming Activity Dates

Point Opportunities (D = Donation; SH = Service Hours)

Check Back Often to View Newly Added Activities ! !


SCHS Open House- July 29th (D/SH)

Student Council Meetings - First Monday Each Month (10 SH)

SCHS Southeastern Guide Dog Sponsorship - October 4 (D)

Student Council Freshman Officers Campaign Week - August 17-20

Student Council Freshman Officer Election - August 20

Student Council Freshman Rep. Campaign Week - August 19-26

Student Council Freshman Representative Election - August 26

Donut Drop-off - August 28 (SH)

Cleaning Supply Donation for Humphreys County - Due Sept. 9 (D)

Student Council Merit Representative Week - September 7-10

Student Council Parent Info. Meeting - September 13 (SH)

American Mule and Bluegrass Festival - September 17 (SH)

Football Homecoming Dress-up Days - September 20-24 (SH)

Football Homecoming and Parade - September 24th (SH)

Police Benevolent Fun Run- September 25th (SH)

SCHS Teacher Appreciation Luncheon - October 27 (D)

Trunk or Treat with the Boys and Girl's Club- October 29 (SH/D)

Student Council Scholarship Candle Sale - November 1-12 (D)

Teacher Appreciation Gift - November 18 (D)

SCHS High 5 Friday - November 5,12,19 (SH)

Child Development Gift Donation - December TBA (D)

Schoolwide Christmas Dress-up Days - December 6-17 (SH)

Teacher Christmas Gift- December 1 (D)

Student Council Blanket Drive- January 28th (D)

Pledge and Moment of Silence - Month of January (SH)

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon - February 16 (D)

Great Canned Food Drive Dress Up Day- March 16(SH)

Great Canned Food Drive & Display - March 14-18 (D/SH)

Great Canned Food Drive Assembly & Delivery - March 21 (SH)

Teacher Appreciation Gift- April 13 (D)

Student Council Banquet  - May 2 (D)